Are there any environmental or worker concerns?

Safety precautions for the worker and the environment

Yes. All blasting operations require safety precautions for the worker and environment. You must take into account not only the abrasive being used but also the coating being removed and the environment in which you are operating. The coating content may dictate additional containment, waste disposal and worker safety requirements. ARMEX however simplifies all concerns because it has a 0 HMIS rating and therefore adds no hazards to a project. Personal Protection Equipment is essential for operators, during any blasting operations and care should be taken for protection of the surrounding area with regards to people, and the environment.

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What We Offer

Media we use We provide abrasive blasting with a wide spectrum of environmentally safe products and can advise you on the best solution for your requirements.
Surfaces we clean Our cleaning methods are effective for cleaning the interior and exterior of all types of surfaces including steel, masonry, machinery and much more.
What we remove We can remove almost anything: paint, surface rust, scale, graffiti, corrosion, contaminants, fire damage (black soot and ordour), grease, grit and sludge.
Industries we serve We service all industries including auto restoration, fire and mold restoration, food equipment, graffiti removal, pavement marking and line removal and more.
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