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For over 20 years we have been helping contractors select the best abrasive blasting systems to meet their needs. With our experience in blasting, we know what works and how to keep your equipment operating.

Abrasive blasting will produce an effect that may combine both a cleaning and finishing action. The finishing effect may vary by controlling such factors as hardness of the abrasive, abrasive particle size, velocity of abrasive stream, angle of abrasive gun, distance from the work, method of application and work flow.

As it is applied to prepare surfaces prior to finishing, abrasive blasting is generally used to replace sanding, wire brushing and pickling. Ordinarily, no other cleaning is necessary because the blasted surface is free of chemicals and other surface materials.

Abrasive blasting can save from 25% to 75% of the time normally required to clean by hand. Blasting is considered economical. The abrasives are relatively inexpensive and reusable. The general economical advantages of abrasive blasting lie in the reduction of man-hours required to clean and finish parts. Yet, owning an abrasive blasting system still has a high productivity per hour per dollar of equipment.

Abrasive blasting can make a good finish better and cleaner. It also produces a better tooth for bonding. It is estimated that the surface area of metal increases as much as ten times as a result of the abrasive impact action. This increases the surface to which paint, coating or plating can adhere.

At Kelso, we are committed to providing only the best blast media and surface coating products. Every product we sell must meet with our highest environmental and performance standards.

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Abrasive Blasting For over 20 years we have been helping contractors select the best abrasive blasting systems to meet their needs because we know what works.
Blasting Equipment Our team has almost 15 years experience in servicing abrasive blast systems from some of the largest manufacturers across North America.
Blasting Media From sodium bicarbonate to garnet, we have the right products to get the job done while ensuring the safety of the operator and the impact on the environment.
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