to handle your most complex restoration and waterproofing requirements.

Blasting Equipment

We specialize in repairing Axxiom Schmidt and Ibix Abrasive blasting systems. Our team has almost 15 years experience in servicing abrasive blast systems from some of the largest manufacturers across North America.

IBIX equipment

New Equipment By IBIX

IBIX, based in Italy, manufactures equipment designed to perform extremely delicate cleaning and restoration operations. This equipment has been in use all over Europe for the past decade.

Safety equipment

Safety Equipment

Our product lines include a full field of safety supplies and protection equipment. It is because of our experience in using these products that we can assist in providing the best for our customers.

Used blasting equipment

Used Equipment

We have a wide selection of used equipment for sale from leading manufacturers to help you improve your productivity while minimizing your production costs.

Blasting nozzles


An abrasive blasting nozzle is designed to accelerate and direct an air and abrasive mixture to the work surface for increased production. Abrasive blasting nozzles are available in a variety of nozzle styles, liner materials, and jacket materials. The nozzle style is determined by the application.

Blasting hoses


Abrasive blasting hose is designed to transfer an air and abrasive mixture from the abrasive metering valve to the abrasive blasting nozzle. Abrasive blasting hose is constructed with three primary components: a liner for abrasion resistance, a fabric reinforcement for structural integrity, and a protective cover.

Blasting fittings


Fittings and accessories come in a variety of sizes, materials and lengths for different applications. Losing 10 pounds of air pressure will reduce your productivity by 15%. Utilizing high quality fittings, couplings and coupling gaskets will reduce your air loss in your hose connections.


Kelso Industrial Group was established to bring together the best in infrastructure protection and restoration.
Kelso Abrasives can provide you with the best equipment and media to complete your in-house blasting needs.
Kelso Restoration will work with your assets to restore them to their original state without damage.


We know that when we call Kelso for a job, that they will be there on time, with their equipment in good operating condition. They are able to always complete jobs in the required time frame and their attention to details including safety are at or exceeding industry standards.
T.C., Estimator/Coordinator
Pavement Marking Company
For almost 15 years, Kelso has been cleaning our Anilox rolls regularly. Cleaner rolls reduce our costs and increase the quality of the finished product. Kelso’s process ensures no dust escapes into our production facilities and they operate safely and efficiently every time they are here.
M.F., Maintenance Manager
Corrugated Box Manufacturer