Blasting Media

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ARMEX Maintenance

(Baking Soda 175 micron)

Manufactured using medium sized crystals, maintenance formula is appropriate for most cleaning and paint removal applications. Excellent for use in fire and mould restoration. Only Soda will absorb odours.

ARMEX Maintenance XL

(Baking Soda 275 micron)

Formulated using the largest crystals (XL), the XL maintenance formula is more aggressive for those tougher jobs and is ideal for most cleaning and paint removal applications, with the added benefit of removing odours.

ARMEX Hydroflex XL

(Baking Soda 275 micron)

Designed for use with power washers and soluble media injection systems, this media combines the “XL” crystals and standard moisture control system with a patented grease and oil removal technology.

Calcium Carbonate (Lime)

Various sized crystals, excellent for the tough task of paint and rust removal where the use of hard grit is not allowed. Useful for brick or concrete fire restoration. Calcium Carbonate is not water soluble and will not remove odour.

Glass 60-140

Glass is a hard grit, being a 7 on the MOHS (hardness scale). The fine glass is excellent for rust removal on heavier metals or reinforced panels. Not recommended for use on sheet metal, chrome, polished steel, chrome cylinders and moving parts.


The combination of high density and physical properties make garnet nature’s most highly efficient, effective and safe abrasive for both wet and dry blasting. It is especially suited for stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel and all specialty alloys as it is free of metallic iron.

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