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What is CN2000®?

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CN2000® is ISO 9001-2008, GB/T I9001 certified.

CN2000® quality standards

CN2000® concrete waterproofing was originally developed for the Atomic Nuclear Industry and National Defense in China. CN2000® is now available for commercial use. In addition to very positive international results, Kelso Coatings has conducted significant domestic laboratory testing.

CN2000® is manufactured by ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. (“Zhonghe”) in China. Zhonghe specifically engages in the development and production of waterproof materials. Through digitally controlled production, Zhonghe ensures consistency and quality by producing their own manufacturing equipment with a capacity of 10,000 tones per year. Zhonghe holds one international patent, two national invention patents and national utility model, for a total of seven patents. Zhonge passed ISO – 9001-2008 GB/T 19001-2000 authentication system of quality control.

CN2000® concrete waterproofing is a non-toxic capillary crystalline waterproof material used as a surface coating to protect infrastructure from deterioration. Specifically, CN2000® will protect infrastructure from rapid freeze and thaw cycles, water, chloride ion and other contaminants. CN2000 will protect the reinforcing steel against corrosion and ultimate deterioration of the concrete. CN2000® itself is anti-corrosive, allowing for long lasting results.

CN2000® has a patented eka-molecular sieve structure and permeation crystalline effect. The waterproof layers maintain ventilation of the concrete, are impermeable to water, and have high impervious pressure. CN2000® can be used internally or externally in places where rapid and early strength gain is required, such as plugging / stopping active water leaks and sealing of leaking joints, tie holes and cracks.

CN2000® can be used in the active flow of water and must be applied on a surface saturated dry (“SSD”) substrate. Traditional systems may treat the surface of the concrete, whereas CN2000® crystalline waterproofing provides a solution that will last for decades.

The CN2000® cementitious crystalline waterproof material prevents leaks and permeation to infrastructure by adhering to the concrete as an integral part of the structure. CN2000® produces insoluble crystals to block pores and the capillary tracts to achieve self-rehabilitation.


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