Kelso Industrial Group Contest Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for all Kelso sponsored contests including scholarship contests

Graduation photo by Jonathan Daniels

Entry into any Kelso Industrial Group contest requires disclosure of certain personal information. We do not sell or trade this information to third parties, except as stated in the policy or as necessary for Kelso Industrial Group’s programs and activities. Participation in any Kelso Industrial Group contest is completely voluntary. By entering any Kelso Industrial Group contest, participants consent to disclose all required information and release Kelso Industrial Group from any and all liability from its disclosure.

Information requested may include but is not limited to: contact information (such as name and mailing address) and demographic information (such as postal code, educational institution, and age). Contact information will be used to notify winders, award prizes, and for other Kelso Industrial Group program purposes. Certain information (such as name and school) may be used in publicity about the Contest and Kelso Industrial Group.

In addition, Kelso Industrial Group may use your information to contact you in the future concerning events or efforts related to our organization. You may opt out of further contacts from Kelso Industrial Group by writing to us at the address on our website. We may also use your information internally for evaluation and research and may report aggregate results (without personally identifiable information) to others. Kelso industrial Group may also use your information related to future program purposes with other organizations.

This Contest Privacy Policy may be changed at any time and will be available on the Kelso Industrial Group website. For more information on our overall Privacy Policy or about Kelso Industrial Group, please review our website at and/or our overall Privacy Policy.

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