to handle your most complex restoration and waterproofing requirements.

Pavement Marking / Line Removal

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MTO approved abrasive soda blasting that will not leave road scars.

For over 20 years, Kelso Restoration (formerly Blaster Master) has been removing highway and road markings using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved media. Kelso Restoration will NOT scar or damage the pavement, asphalt or concrete topping. We can remove thermoplastic, paint and temporary paint quickly and efficiently.

With Kelso Restoration’s experience and service, there will be:

  • No permanent scarring of the road surface.
  • No driver confusion and errors, especially in wet conditions or night driving.
  • No dishing and gouging.
  • No removal of large aggregates and fines.
  • No effect on structure or integrity of topcoat layer.
  • A safer ONTARIO roadway!

We also provide restoration services for:


Kelso Industrial Group was established to bring together the best in infrastructure protection and restoration.
Kelso Abrasives can provide you with the best equipment and media to complete your in-house blasting needs.
Kelso Restoration will work with your assets to restore them to their original state without damage.