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Water Treatment Plants

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Cleans in less time and without harsh chemicals

Abrasive blasting using soda enhances the cleaning process, leaving the surface clean and free of oils or lubricants, all without the use of chemicals. Kelso Restoration has four mobile units that can come to your site and blast on-site. Or, you can ship us your parts and we’ll blast them in our blast booth in Milton, Ontario.

Items such as valves, pumps, filter screens, gates, concrete, aluminum and steel can be cleaned by using low pressure water at 2500 psi along with baking soda. Pressures can be increased up to 40,000 psi, although this is rarely required.

Kelso Restoration can assist you with the maintenance of the valves and pumps used in your facility, whether it be to clean your parts on a maintenance program or to clean the parts prior to service.

We also provide restoration services for:


Kelso Industrial Group was established to bring together the best in infrastructure protection and restoration.
Kelso Abrasives can provide you with the best equipment and media to complete your in-house blasting needs.
Kelso Restoration will work with your assets to restore them to their original state without damage.