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What We Remove

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We can meet your cleaning needs

Soda blasting applications include the removal of:

•    Paint
•    Surface rust
•    Scale
•    Graffiti
•    Corrosion
•    Contaminants
•    Fire damage (black soot and ordour)

Why soda blasting?

Sodium Bicarbonate is granular – suitable for use in pressure pots, cabinet systems and as an additive for pressure washer systems.

Sodium Bicarbonate is sharp – baking soda crystals delivered under relatively low pressure but at high velocity will scour virtually any coating from any substrate.

Sodium Bicarbonate is friable – meaning it fractures into smaller particles intensifying the cleaning action while softening the impact on substrates.

Sodium Bicarbonate is relatively soft – with a Moh’s hardness of 2.5, it will not damage most substrates.

Sodium Bicarbonate is benign pH of 8.2 – provides a superior worker and environmental profile, before, during and after use.

Sodium Bicarbonate is water soluble and safe.


Kelso Industrial Group was established to bring together the best in infrastructure protection and restoration.
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