Ron Langdana

President, Kelso Coatings

Ron Langdana, Kelso Coatings

After building commercial aircraft for 18 years, Ron Langdana knew he had more to offer and decided to enter the construction industry as an independent contractor. After his first year in business and setting up the various trades, Ron was responsible for completing multi-million dollar construction projects on time and on budget. These accolades gave Ron significant recognition and respect in the industry.

Through Ron’s strong circle of relationships, Ron was offered exclusive rights to distribute CN2000® throughout Canada. Ron spent a significant amount of time studying, verifying and proving the CN2000® product. Several trips were made to the manufacturer to obtain the qualifications and training required to introduce CN2000® to the Canadian market.

From airports to transit systems; from property managers to builders; Ron has been successful in placing CN2000® as specified on a number of significant projects.

Due to the success of Revolutionary Concrete Solutions, the company was sold to Kelso Industrial Group to take the business to the next level of operations.

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