Peter Ventin

Partner, Kelso Industrial Group

Peter Ventin, Kelso Industrial Group

His James Bond looks and detective skills make for a killer combination, we think. He's always troubleshooting away our problems, making molehills of mountains. And you know the magic wands that fairy godmothers use? We bet it was him that got it zapping perfectly. We're so sure, we'll bet all our chocolate we're right.

Peter provides strategic and operational oversight and direct involvement in the day to day operations of Kelso Industrial Group. Peter has extensive experience in consulting engineering, packaged gas, drilling and underground services and real estate development. Specific roles have included project/program management, financial analysis and administration of staff and strategic partnerships.

Additional areas of involvement include the identification and evaluation of accretive operating entities and development opportunities. Peter’s previous executive positions include Partner, Conor Pacific Canada and Vice President, Global Program Management at Aecom.

Peter is an Advisory Board member to both the MaRs Cleantech and George Brown College Innovation Group to provide guidance and assistance to Ontario’s Cleantech startups/innovators and new technologies to develop viable business interests in both domestic and international markets. View Peter's profile and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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