David Wasserman

President, Kelso Industrial Group

David Wasserman, Kelso Industrial Group

David is the very cool face of Kelso Restoration. He is a native of Toronto and a graduate of Trent University, with a background in finance and a foreground in genius. Everyone often just watches him in awe (which is how we also know he eats a lot of junk food). He wears a Kelso shirt every day and he shares chocolates. Our only complaint is that he's too busy doing good to shoot the breeze with us. He's the master of cool and a bundle of energy.

David has nearly two decades of experience in direct operation roles as well as investment and corporate finance valuation and advisory roles. Prior to joining Kelso in early 2013, David co-founded Crest Capital Corporation to seek active investments in infrastructure services in Canada.

David has also held roles with Outpost Packaging Ltd., a Lynx equity owned company, Counsel Corporation, Capital Canada, Business Development Bank and National Bank.

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